Dear Friends.

Thank you for your consideration, support, encouragement, campaign contributions and help during the 2013 Boulder municipal election campaign  !

It has been a pleasure to work together on the campaign with you during the last several months, as well as a terrific education for me – and I am grateful for all that you have done.

The 2013 Boulder municipal elections have now taken place and the final results have been announced.

Although we should be happy with the outcomes of the local ballot issues, my quest to become a member of the Boulder City Council was not successful.  I can say without hesitation that all of the candidates were motivated to help Boulder move ahead – and I expect that our new City Council will do a great job for Boulder.

However – this is not the end of my participation in local Boulder affairs.  I will continue to be involved and active on a variety of issues.

This experience has absolutely strengthened my regard for Boulder’s local political process !  I am in awe of the number of residents and civic organizations which are active in Boulder – and which seek, in many different ways, to improve our community. 

It has been an inspiration to meet and learn about many of these organizations –which make huge contributions to Boulder, and from which we all benefit.


Thanks a million !

John G.


Among the issues that Boulder must address in the next few years are:
  • Ensuring the continuation of thoughtful transportation, water and land use management and support for our spectacular open space programs, in coordination with neighboring governments.
  • Moving ahead with the establishment of a municipal electric utility.
  • Encouraging the use of prudent financial practices to support the health of our economy.
  • Enhancing our social and cultural support programs, to assist those of us with special needs and limited resources while ensuring that service facilities are located so that impacts are reasonably distributed in different neighborhoods, and ensuring that our cultural activities remain vibrant.
  • Ensuring the health of our local environment by promoting transport options and wise resource, recycling, and pollution management policies and practices.

John Gerstle Boulder City CouncilI was raised in Boulder and attended local schools (Foothill Elementary, Centennial Junior High and Boulder High Schools), and the CU- Boulder for a B.A. (Chemistry), followed by graduate study and degrees from Massachusetts Institute of Technology in civil and environmental engineering. After working for several years with local and Norwegian consulting firms, I served for three years as Resident Advisor to the Royal Government of Bhutan, assisting in governance issues associated with environmental, natural and cultural resource management and the transition from an absolute monarchy to a parliamentary system, and for two years as United Nations Himalayan Regional Advisor for the Environment. Thereafter, I was an employee/shareholder of a Boulder-based consulting firm, until its sale in 2008. Since then, I have had an independent consulting practice in environmental and natural resource management, and served as a technical advisor for several conservation advocacy groups.

afamilybrickIn my professional practice, I have been involved with evaluation of financial, management and ownership arrangements for several large power projects, and served as an advisor and participant in associated negotiations. I have also been involved in evaluating “fracking”-related issues, and I believe that this experience will provide a useful perspective for the Boulder City Council as it deals with matters such as electric power supply and land and natural resource management.

John Gerstle Boulder City CouncilMy wife Heidi, a Norwegian citizen, and I have raised two children here in Boulder, and they attended several of the schools that I did. Although currently out of town, both of them regard Boulder as home. We have had dogs for many years and they are an integral part of the family. As an enthusiastic bicyclist, back-country skier and hiker, I frequently enjoy Boulder’s wonderful Open Space for fresh air, exercise and a clearing of my mind. And I can report that, for the entire period that I have worked in downtown Boulder – over twenty years – I have never had (or really needed) a dedicated auto parking space at my workplace. Bicycling and the bus have worked very well for me.

John Gerstle Boulder City Council

I grew up with a sister and two brothers, in a family long active in Boulder’s conservation, land use and open space issues. Our lively conversations at the family dinner table provided a wonderful introduction to the practical aspects of developing and implementing new policies and programs in Boulder.

I served on the Boulder County Mosquito Control Advisory Board from 2002-2008, where I helped with the introduction of Integrated Pest Management techniques, and on the Boulder County Planning Commission from 2008 (reappointed in 2011), of which I am currently chairman. In that capacity, I am proud to have been involved on a variety of issues, including revisions of the Boulder County Comprehensive Plan, decisions on land use, and management of land and natural resources, including “fracking” regulations.

Boulder has been my home for over 50 years, and I know that our town has benefited greatly from the hard work and achievements of many enlightened Boulder residents. It is up to us to move ahead with the decisions and action necessary to ensure that our wonderful town keeps its progressive and desirable features, for the benefit of all of us – and those to come.